IoT Time Series Data Classifier

Get 99% accuracy using only 1% of your data


Data & AI Platform

Modern data architecture in 24 hours

Experts in IoT time series data engineering, analytics and cloud solutions


Making IoT time series data smaller, faster and more valuable

A patent pending machine learning algorithm and cloud solution for data accuracy classification. It delivers 99% accuracy using less than 1% data volumes by intelligently ignoring all the “noise” within the data. We call it an IoT Data Classifier.

700x faster results, 99% accuracy, using only 1% of the data vs. 100% accuracy using all of the source data

A modern data architecture leveraging best-of-breed technology, delivered as a managed service through one monthly subscription


Launch a fully supported Data & AI Platform in less than 24 hours

A state of the art cloud-based Data & AI Platform that can store and analyse enormous volumes of time-series data alongside traditional structured data, to enable faster, and trusted business insight.

Some of our customers


We are a Talend Platinum Partner providing Talend consulting services, ongoing managed services and professional Talend development services. We have been awarded Best Talend VAR Partner 2016, Talend’s Cloud Partner of the Year 2017 & 2018, and Talend’s 2019 Innovation award.

We are the first Snowflake Rockies Partner in the UK and a Snowflake Technology Partner. We have trained data specialists, proven methodology, the visualisation and data science skills required to reduce your time to value with Snowflake.

We have data scientists on call, ready to implement your data science initiatives, creating new value from your data. Machine learning, predictive maintenance, sensor data analysis, price optimisation, etc. – as a Databricks Premier Partner, Datalytyx can help.



Sell value, not bandwidth. By intelligently classifying IoT data, Gallium massively reduces the volumes travelling over your link. Get hundreds more metrics over the same limited bandwidth while dynamically adapting to local events and link capacity.


Predict maintenance when it matters most. Spot degenerative failures in-flight and have engineers and parts pre-positioned at the gate when the plane arrives to turn it around immediately as opposed to having to take it out of service. Gallium reduces the amount of data required to spot issues for maximum efficiency.


Speed up the processes for meter readings, handling payments, debt management, customer queries and create more value to customers by delivering a more account-focused and first-time-right service. With Palladium and Datalytyx services, you have the architecture and skills available to promote smarter utilisation, aid better service managemet and improve customer engagement.


Improve preventative maintenance and create operational digital twin models to be updated in real-time for process improvements and scenario planning. With Gallium, you can reduce the volume of data required from your equipment and devices to make decisions faster and with better accuracy.


Bring vehicles in for service only when there is an issue. Prioritise investment for road works exactly where it’s needed, preventing damage and accidents. Gallium allows for many times more metrics to travel across the same bandwidth between connected cars and analysis allowing for increased safety and reduced costs.

Datalytyx participates in the Global Rocket Launch Challenge

With the recent launch of OneWeb's, SpaceX's, and Amazon's satellite constellations - thousands of new satellites circling the Earth have drawn the attention of business leaders to new opportunities for new startups in the space sector. Space will have a big role to...

Datalytyx’s Krishnakumar Nair runner up in Shuttleboi Play9 Open Men’s Doubles 35+

Datalytyx's very own data engineer, Krishnakumar Nair, has placed 2nd in the Shuttleboi Play9 Open Men's 35+ Doubles tournament which took place on the 23rd of June 2019 in the Bengaluru area of Karnataka, India. Krishna and his...

You’re Either Burning Money or Not Meeting Demand with Your Time Series Read/Write Provisioning

Changing the capacity of an on-premises Data Warehouse could easily take months (by the time hardware has been procured, installed, tested, and incorporated into a cluster). Cloud Data Warehouses offer a new approach where scaling is at the click of a button and can take just minutes. But does this really allow you to avoid overprovisioning or under-provisioning?

5 Reasons APIs Don’t Work for Data Sharing

And 5 Reasons Snowflake's Data Sharehouse Does For the past decade the technology world has been obsessed with APIs. While the nature of the APIs themselves has changed over the years (e.g. from SOAP to REST), the premise has always been the same – APIs are the way to...

Snowflake – the Best Time Series Database in the World?

What can Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse provide that traditional time series databases struggle with?

Datalytyx nominated for Snowflake EMEA Solution Partner of the Year 2019

The Datalytyx team recently attended the Snowflake EMEA Partner Summit 2019 on Thursday, 14th of March. It was amazing to see the progress that Snowflake has made in such a short period of time. They are growing rapidly in every way and we were happy to see that a lot of the success they’ve seen in EMEA is due to partners like us.

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