DataOps for Snowflake

CI/CD for Snowflake – 100% of your DataOps needs in one end-to-end platform

Snowflake Consulting and Services

Our Snowflake Centre of Excellence is the ideal solution for organisations that want to experience all of the benefits of the #1 data cloud as quickly as possible.

Talend Consulting and Services

Datalytx has 4+ Talend Data Master Awards. We provide a turnkey managed solution for Talend that is tailored to the needs of each client.




Datalytyx makes it easier for you to do cool things with data. We provide the resources, skills, and technology to get you better data faster.


100% of your DataOps needs in one end-to-end platform

Datalytyx DataOps for Snowflake is a one stop platform for 100% of your DataOps lifecycle to enable agility and responsiveness, with no compromise on data security & governance.

Accelerated time to value

Our experienced specialists remove the barriers to getting value from your data by delivering rapid implementation of data projects.

Encourage innovation and fresh thinking in modern data in collaboration with our expert data engineering, data architecture and data science teams and leading-edge technology partners.

24/7 Access to skills

Modern data expertise available 24/7 through our dedicated support service for modern data technologies.

 Get access to skilled professionals that monitor and support your data technology including AWS, Talend, Snowflake, Databricks and Microsoft Azure.

Modern Data Expertise

Numerous deployments of data lakes, data warehouses and real-time data platforms over the last 10 years.

Our expert data team provides flexible custom data platforms and services, including data engineering, data quality, data science, data migration, and data visualisation.

Some of our customers

JD Sports

“Datalytyx pulled out all the stops. They understand our business and our strategic path in IT to support our growth plans.”

– Barry Loftus, Group IT Director, JD Sports


“Their willingness to work with us in the way we wanted, coupled with impressive architectural proposals for how to meet our exacting performance requirements, gave us the confidence we were looking for. This confidence has been borne out by their delivery.”

– Conroy Mallen, Architect, Hermes

Affinity Water

“Datalytyx brings us the right skills. They help us exploit key technologies that operate and deliver our business commitments and meet our regulatory obligations.”

– David Clifton, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Affinity Water

Calor Gas

“Learning how to use and maximize our data is a journey for Calor Gas—and Datalytyx is a valued partner on that journey. Datalytyx has the skills and confidence we need; it understands our business, and what we are trying to achieve.”

– Simon Went, Head of IT, Calor Gas


“The chemistry, the relationship, was there from the start. The Datalytyx people were commercially savvy and technically savvy.”

– Steve Pimblett, COO, wejo


We are a Talend Platinum Partner providing Talend consulting services, ongoing managed services and professional Talend development services. We have been awarded Best Talend VAR Partner 2016, Talend’s Cloud Partner of the Year 2017 & 2018, and Talend’s 2019 Innovation award.

We are the first Snowflake Rockies Partner in the UK and a Snowflake Technology Partner. We have trained data specialists, proven methodology, the visualisation and data science skills required to reduce your time to value with Snowflake.

We have data scientists on call, ready to implement your data science initiatives, creating new value from your data. Machine learning, predictive maintenance, sensor data analysis, price optimisation, etc. – as a Databricks Premier Partner, Datalytyx can help.

Querying JSON in Snowflake: A Color-Coded Example

Querying nested JSON can be frustrating and finding easy to use examples can be even more challenging. It is one of the most common sources of questions that I see on Stack Overflow and Snowflake Community forums. The syntax is not at all intuitive, and it will...

Finding all the Snowflake Best Practices & Recommendations

I have been reading the site for over 4 years now.  I read it when trying to get things to work, I read it as a reference book for correct syntax, and I even read it to see what’s new!  Things do change fast in the Snowflake world so it’s important...

Cross Database References in Snowflake

Last week, your engineer created a Snowflake procedure (PROD_DB.SCHEMA.ADD_CUSTOMER) that inserts a new customer record into the customers table (PROD_DB.SCHEMA.CUSTOMERS).   Notice that these object names are “fully qualified” with specified database, schema, and...

Mphasis Datalytyx announces Snowflake Health Check Service

Many enterprises using Snowflake are grappling with maximising the return on their investment, by using best practices to minimise costs whilst gaining as much as possible from the power of the platform.  Leveraging our extensive experience as a Snowflake partner of...

File Loading Query

This is another post in our series of Datalytyx blog posts on useful diagnostic queries for Snowflake. This time round we’re looking at loading data into Snowflake and how to check for inefficiencies in data loading. TL;DR this query will help you spot inefficient...

Getting the Most Out of Snowflake

This is the first in a series of Datalytyx blog posts on useful diagnostic queries you can run in Snowflake. To get us started, we’re going to look at ‘spilling,’ which according to Snowflake’s own definition is “When Snowflake cannot fit an operation in memory, it...