Modern Data Architecture

Some of the companies already benefiting from Datalytyx expertise…

Big Data Engineering  |  Real Time Data Analytics  |  Scalable Cloud Solutions

What we do

Modern Data Architecture

to centralise and integrate all your real-time and batch data sources

Data Driven Insights

to analyse, visualise and understand the data you have access to

Data Centric Solutions

to change and improve what you do and the way you do it

Scalable Delivery Model

to manage and support a modern data architecture remotely, and scale it

Some of our partners include…

Some of the sectors we support

London Finance


  • Pay as you go insurance
  • Fraud identification & prevention
  • Next best real-time offer
Transport and Logisitics

Transport & Logistics

  • Passenger analytics & optimisation
  • Sensor-based predictive maintenance

Retail & CPG

  • Pricing & markdown optimisation
  • Demand modelling &
Energy and Utilities

Energy & Utilities

  • Smart meter reading
  • Plant operational efficiency


  • Predictive modelling of biological processes
  • Real-time clinical trial monitoring
Public Sector

Public Sector

  • Data-driven public services
  • Real-time decision making


Data Platform as a Service

Watch our ‘Data Platform as a Service’ webinar to learn how you can focus on your core value by quickly spinning up scalable cloud technology to manage your data.


Datalytyx Managing Director at CAMSS 2018

Datalytyx sponsored the CAMSS World Conference 2018 where Managing Director, Justin Mullen was interviewed about his experiences and perspectives on creating a data first strategy and how new technology is shaping what’s possible.


Zero to Snowflake in 90 minutes

Watch ‘Zero to Snowflake in 90 minutes’ to see how easy it is to get started with the Snowflake cloud data warehouse.

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