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Datalytx is Talend’s largest VAR partner in the UK and EMEA. We provide Talend Consulting and services to help organisations overcome the barriers to adopting Talend as their main ETL solution. We provide a turnkey managed solution for Talend that is tailored to the needs of each client.

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Some of Our Talend Services


Fully architected infrastructure plan by a certified Talend architect

Cloud Infrastructure

Deployment, installation and configuration of Talend environments on cloud infrastructure.



Tuning and optimisation to ensure best performance for key use cases



Daily monitoring of all Talend services and task/service execution

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance of new code (jobs, services, routes and routines) as part of a client’s change and release management processes


Best Practice

Best practice documentation on Talend development and execution configurations


Full helpdesk services (support and change service) with SLAs and performance reporting

Modern Data Architecture

We assess your current architecture and provide modern, low-cost architecture to process huge volumes of data in batch or real-time. We use Talend to ensure that all core systems always have the most up-to-date and accurate data. Using Microsoft Azure and AWS hosting, we offer our customers flexible, reliable and secure architecture.

Customer 360°

We provide services to integrate and cleanse data from all relevant systems to create a single view of the customer. This gives your sales, marketing and helpdesk teams valuable insight when engaging with clients and potential clients.

Real-time Data Processing

We use Apache Spark and Kafka with Talend ESB to ingest and process high volumes of data in real-time. Business users no longer have to wait for their data. Improve your flexibility and capability with real-time data processing.

Data Quality

We use Talend Data Quality to profile and cleanse your data in a way that is tailored to your specific requirements. Talend’s powerful and customisable profiling and cleansing engine can rapidly highlight the issues that need attention and make the cleansing process easy and repeatable.

“It all went to plan. Trusted partners are truly valuable to Calor Gas – we hope our relationship with Datalytyx continues.”

Simon Went, Head of IT

“Datalytyx pulled out all the stops. They understand our business and our strategic path in IT to support our growth plans.”

Barry Loftus, Group IT Director

“Their willingness to work with us in the way we wanted, coupled with impressive architectural proposals for how to meet our exacting performance requirements, gave us the confidence we were looking for. This confidence has been borne out by their delivery.”

Conroy Mallen, Architect

“Datalytyx offered its Palladium platform-as-a-service that includes ongoing support—a perfect fit for our organization. As a data-driven organization we wanted to get reports and insights to the business faster, to deliver greater value and smart decision making capability.”

Richard May, VP, Technology & Community

“Datalytyx brings us the right skills. They help us exploit key technologies that operate and deliver our business commitments and meet our regulatory obligations.”

David Clifton, Enterprise Solutions Architect

“The chemistry, the relationship, was there from the start. The Datalytyx people were commercially savvy and technically savvy.”

Steve Pimblett, COO

Talend Management Console Monitoring

Talend Cloud users typically run tasks in Talend Cloud every day and night. However, a common issue that users see is that an important Talend Management Console (TMC) task hangs overnight, heavily impacting the daily BAU processes that rely on it. TMC currently does...

Talend Trust Score integrates with Snowflake

Snowflake and Talend have strengthened their already strong partnership with the integration of Talend's machine learning-based Trust Score into Snowflake. This move makes it easier for Snowflake users to understand and trust their data in order to make effective...

Hermes and TM Forum win Talend Data Masters awards for their work with Datalytyx

Datalytyx were proud to have received Talend Data Masters Awards for their work with Hermes Parcelnet and TM Forum at Talend Connect 2019 which took place at London's County Hall on the 15th of October. TM Forum received their award for Being Customer Obsessed and...

Datalytyx develops open source webhooks for Snowflake

LONDON, United Kingdom, October 17th 2019 - Over the last 2 years, Datalytyx has been developing Gallium (IoT Smart Data Compression Algorithm) technology, now launched as part of a new era of data services on Snowflake. To deliver this, the Datalytyx team had to find...

Datalytyx Launches Gallium (IoT Smart Data Compression Algorithm) as a service in Talend Data Pipeline

LONDON, United Kingdom, October 17th 2019 – Datalytyx is launching Gallium as a data service to be run within any Talend pipeline. This comes on the heels of their announcement that Gallium will be launched as a Snowflake Data Service thanks to their open source...

Datalytyx launches Gallium (IoT Smart Data Compression Algorithm) as the first of a new era of Snowflake Data Services

LONDON, United Kingdom, October 17th 2019 - Datalytyx has launched Gallium as the first of a new era of Snowflake Data Services.  Gallium is a pure software solution that uses machine learning to intelligently classify large volumes of time series data (aka. IoT data,...

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