100% of your DataOps needs in one end-to-end platform.

What is DataOps for Snowflake? for Snowflake is a one stop platform for 100% of your DataOps lifecycle to enable agility and responsiveness, with no compromise on data security & governance.  It provides end to end orchestration, environment management, CICD, automated testing, & ELT wrapped in an elegant UI.  Faster development, parallel collaboration, increased efficiencies, reduced costs, data assurance, and simplified orchestration and management.  Business agility and governance without compromise, at the lowest total cost of ownership.

DataOps Benefits


Increased Efficiency

Fewer employees can deliver higher productivity in a shorter timescale

Reduced costs

By shortening the time to production, businesses can reduce costs by more than 30% (Often much higher)

Simplified orchestration and management

DataOps transcends vendor-specific limitations, enabling orchestration of heterogenerous data environment

Faster development

Gain access to the valuable insights in a day rather than a month

Data Assurance

Provide assurances and gurantees on data your business stakeholders can rely on


Parallel Development

Using DataOps, teams of people deliver changes in parallel – zero conflict, faster delivery to businesses

About DataOps

DataOps has been born from the DevOps movement in the software engineering world.  DevOps bridges the traditional gap between software development, QA, and operations so technical teams can repeatably deliver high-quality systems at an ever-increasing pace, with no loss of stability or governance. DataOps brings together ALL data stakeholders, such as data architects, data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, application developers, and IT operations to deliver on the organisations need for data.

DataOps borrows heavily from Agile, Lean, DevOps, and Total Quality Management.  Similar to Agile, DataOps emphasizes the use of small development teams with business involvement and short (i.e., 2-3 week) development sprints that deliver fully tested productionised components/code. Similar to Lean, DataOps focuses on efficiency, using version control systems and code repositories that foster parallel development and code reuse. And like Total Quality Management, DataOps focuses on continuous automated testing and monitoring to detect issues before or immediately upon promotion to production.

DataOps for Snowflake

DataOps for Snowflake is a technology implementation of the Seven Pillars that underpin the #TrueDataOps philosophy (

The Snowflake Data Platform has been built to optimise speed and performance. But by separating compute from storage and delivering features like Zero Copy Clone, Snowflake has become the first data platform to provide the underlying infrastructure to enable the true principles DataOps to be executed and deliver the same value DevOps has provided for years in terms of agility, maintainability, security, and governance.

DataOps for Snowflake has been designed to exploit the most advanced features of Snowflake, to enable regulated and unregulated organisations alike to explore the power and agility of DataOps, while making zero compromises for governance and security.

While many DataOps platforms will support some of the pillars of #TrueDataOps, DataOps for Snowflake is one of the only platforms support all of those pillars.

I speak to our biggest customers all over the globe frequently, and many of them are asking me about agility and governance.  They ask me questions like ……. how can I do CI/CD for Snowflake so I can deliver value faster? Datalytyx are at the leading edge of the DataOps movement and are amongst a very few world authorities on automation and CI/CD within and across Snowflake.

Kent Graziano

Chief Technical Evangelist, Snowflake

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