To turn raw data into actionable information at scale, businesses need a way to quickly and predictably capture the big picture and drill into the detail that matters. Reduce the time to insight, cut down the time to value.

Datalytyx makes volume and velocity an advantage, not a burden. We help you to tackle the biggest, most data-intensive analysis and make decisions faster. We provide the tools, technologies and people to offer you powerful solutions for your data projects, regardless of size and complexity.

We support modern data projects by using only best-in-class data tools. We integrate your environment with platforms from our carefully selected set of partners – Talend, Snowflake and Databricks. We provide the best and brightest in data expertise and talent – including engineers, scientists and analysts – to manage your environment, and we make them available to you 24 x 7.

What does this mean for you? It means you can think bigger, move faster, dig deeper and understand better. It means you can drive down the time to decision making, deliver greater value to your network, and get from A to B at a faster pace than ever. Reduced risk, fewer headaches and no lost value.


 John Webb

John Webb

Co-Founder, Director

John has a background in building, managing and advising on IT businesses and has advised on rapid growth models in the IT sector. With extensive expertise in sales, strategy and finance, he has built his career on demonstrable growth acceleration and value to clients.

Management Team

Paul Headey

Paul Headey

Sales Director

Paul is a business-focused consultant advising heavily instrumented organisations how to modernise their data architecture and drive predictive insights from their inventory, demand and production data and enabling the exploration of very large data sets in time series/IoT data.

Andrew Cope

Andrew Cope

Professional Services Manager

As a customer-focused project manager, Andrew’s experience ranges across full project lifecycles, with particular emphasis on software development and IT infrastructure projects within the financial services sector.

Technical Team

Our technical team comprises some of the best and the brightest in their field, and are accredited with certifications from our partners. Interpersonal and intelligent, they work closely with clients to deliver a managed service of the highest calibre.


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