Databricks Consulting and Services

Datalytyx is a Databricks Premier Partner. We provide Databricks consulting and services to organisations that want to maximise the value of their data. We provide data science resources and best practices to augment your existing teams along with the data engineering skills and technology that enable data science for actionable insights.

We provide actionable insights using


Anomoly Detection

Reduce errors and fix issues sooner by using machine learning and statistical analysis

Price Optimization

Increase revenue by using data to provide your customer with the optimal price for conversion

Time to Failure/Predictive Maintenance

Optimize maintenance and equipment replacement by using data to predict and avoid failure

Descriptive Analytics

Aggregate and mine data to get actionable insights

Forecast Modelling

Predict demand and make the right move using the best model for the case


Natural Language Processing

Sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, lemmatization and much more

Data Science on Demand

Datalytyx has data science resources available to support your data science project. These resources can be made available for stand alone projects or as part of Palladium, our platform for data and AI enabling data scientists to have access to the data they need when they need it.

Data Engineering and Data Science

One of the most common barriers to successful data science projects is getting the right data to the data science team. Datalytyx overcomes this barrier with a wealth of data engineering experience and skills. We ensure that data is integrated, cleansed, secured and quickly available to data science teams so that they don’t have to focus on data collection and preparation.

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