Using Datalytyx DataOps for Snowflake to securely share 25TB and 300 billion datapoints of high value connected car data in minutes.

 Their DataOps based approach could deliver repeatable, consistent, disposable and secure data environments for our customers in ¼ of the time.

Steve Pimblett

CIO, wejo

wejo is a dynamic, fast-growing company based in the northwest of England. From being a startup in 2014, the wejo team have striven relentlessly and with great focus to create or acquire data about car movements. Their vision is to organise such data to create insights for vehicle manufacturers, businesses and public sector organisations.

wejo’s ADEPT platform is designed to be an automotive data exchange that does it all. wejo ADEPT is a secure, compliant, and flexible platform for sharing and accessing connected vehicle data.

As the world evolves, connected car data is opening new possibilities for all these types of companies. Manufacturers want to understand how their vehicles are driven to promote further innovation. Retailers want to target consumers with appropriate offers to drive sales. Highways departments and engineering firms want to understand the state of the roads using data from all cars. And insurers want to understand risk, to offer tailored policies for all types of drivers.

Being an established and growing player in this exciting world of real-time vehicle data collection and exchange, has meant wejo dealing with some of the biggest challenges around data volume and data velocity. Since 2016, as wejo has grown, Datalytyx has been pleased to help wejo with technology and advice relating to their data challenges, be that storage, analytics or underlying infrastructure. Datalytyx has been, and remains, one of wejo’s longest serving technology partners.

Now, in 2020, wejo and Datalytyx have worked together to create and launch the ADEPT Preview platform. This provides key wejo customers with a high-performance analytics capability, accessing an unrivalled store of connected car data. Each customer is provided with a dedicated secure tenant, provisioned and operated on wejo’s behalf by Datalytyx.

Core to the delivery of the ADEPT Preview platform is Datalytyx DataOps for Snowflake, which delivers a highly performant and secure analytical platform at amazing speed. The foundation of DataOps for Snowflake is Snowflake, built entirely for the cloud. Datalytyx have employed many of the unique features of Snowflake to bring to life the possibility of #TrueDataOps (www.truedataops.org) – combining development of data pipeline and modelling processes with both governance and agility.

This agility has enabled ADEPT Preview to be delivered in less than three weeks, from contract signature to being ready for the first customer. The DataOps service was used to orchestrate the ingestion of one weeks’ data – a mere 100 billion rows of data – and transform and model it within Snowflake. More weeks of data are being added. Structured anonymisation and other modelling and aggregation techniques have been applied to the raw data to deliver secure and highly responsive query results to Jupyter data science notebooks and Tableau geospatial dashboards. And all of this is provisioned and orchestrated using Snowflakes Secure Data Sharing to remove the need to move or copy terabytes of data for each new customer. New customers can be speedily added to the platform and get access to terabytes of fully secured and anonymised data provisioned using robust DataOps pipelines to orchestrate Snowflake.

Steve Pimblett, CIO and CDO of wejo, who has led the creation of the ADEPT and ADEPT Preview service, commented “we have always been impressed with the innovative thinking at Datalytyx, and knew they would put forward compelling ideas for the delivery of ADEPT Preview. Snowflake and Datalytyx DataOps are at the heart of these new ideas for secure data sharing with our customers, and some of the new geospatial features from Snowflake will enhance this further. An initial proof of concept demonstrated how the Datalytyx thinking would complement our own, to deliver ADEPT Preview faster and more confidently than we could by ourselves. Their DataOps based approach could deliver repeatable, consistent, disposable and secure data environments for our customers in ¼ of the time. We can trust Datalytyx to deliver for us and leave the wejo team to focus on our core business: building ever-more comprehensive realtime connected vehicle datasets and insights.”

After completing a rapid three-week implementation period, Datalytyx is enabling customers into the ADEPT Preview service at the rate of around one a week over a 10-week period. Justin Mullen, Managing Director at Datalytyx, commented “we have been delighted to be able to help wejo share the value of their data with their key customers in this way. The wejo datasets are amazing in terms of the real business value they contain, but enormous in terms of volume. The sheer scale of wejo’s data makes sharing this data for customer evaluation a major challenge. How do you make it easy for a prospective customer to receive access to 25TB of data to “play” with? Fortunately, we have known and understood wejo, their core mission and the way their team works for nearly four years now. This, combined with our specialism in vast volumes of IoT data, and the technologies that truly support that, have made this possible. It has been great to be able to demonstrate that the technologies we’ve recommended and put together (Snowflake and Datalytyx DataOps for Snowflake) comfortably supports the size and complexity of wejo’s data”.

The wejo ADEPT Preview service is the primary way in which wejo customers and prospects can explore the full value of wejo’s data. Datalytyx, with their DataOps orchestration platform, IoT skills and experience, and technical know-how are partnering with wejo to deliver that capability; a trusted, inspiring, performant and secure technology platform that underpins the wejo mission.


Since 2014, wejo has been innovating connected car data to create groundbreaking products and services that revolutionise the way people travel. By generating insights to harness the value of that data, they enable smarter, safer and more sustainable journeys for all.


Automotive, Insurance, Telematics


To create a service providing key wejo clients with secure, dedicated access to a massive store of connected car data, each with distinct resources allowing them to perform their own analytics.


Datalytyx DataOps for Snowflake orchestrating multiple Snowflake tenants accessing a single store using Snowflake secure data sharing, Jupyter Notebook, & Tableau Online.


wejo is able to spin up new test sandpits with 25+ TB of test data in minutes. DataOps made it 4 times faster to create and automate the entire end to end service.

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