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Microsoft Azure: The Cloud Platform for Your Business

The Microsoft Cloud Platform uniquely delivers hybrid cloud with comprehensive capabilities you need to overcome today’s key challenges from the deluge of devices, apps, and data. Datalytyx partners with Microsoft Azure as it is the only technology vendor that gives businesses the platform and productivity solutions they need to address all of the key business challenges they face.

The cloud: drive down up front and ongoing IT costs

Building on-premises infrastructure can be slow and expensive: expensive hardware  needs to be ordered, paid for, installed and configured, and all long before you actually need it. By contrast, the cloud means you just pay for the resources you consume when you need them. Datalytyx partners with Amazon Web Services to implement clients solutions quickly, cleanly and cost-effectively, without the need for time-consuming and expensive infrastructure. It is the ideal solution for organisations that want new data services and levels of governance with as little disruption as possible.

A modern data platform for governance, security and analytics

“No-one knows Apache Hadoop like Cloudera” – an enterprise data platform to help transform your data into actionable insight, with a highly flexible and cost-controlled approach thanks to its open source software and open standards. Datalytyx partners with Cloudera and its Apache Hadoop-based software, support and services to empower organisations to ask bigger and more meaningful questions of the big data they have access to. Cloudera users include Cisco, Barclays, M&S, BT, MasterCard, Samsung and GoPro.

Enhance value to documents in multiple ways

Ephesoft Smart Capture™ adds value to documents by automatically capturing content vital to the business. Processing forms manually is  expensive and time consuming; by contrast, Smart Capture™ uses powerful algorithms to extract critical information from physical and electronic documents, from scanned forms and faxes to PDFs, emails and attachments.

Accelerate innovation by unifying data science, engineering and business

Databricks is a unified analytics platform which handles all analytic processes – from ETL to models, training and deployment. It’s powered by Apached Spark which means your company can leverage the scalability of Spark in a collaborative notebook workspace using the languages you’re familiar with, whether it be Python, Scala, SQL, R or Java. By unifying data science and engineering, Databricks accelerates innovation.

Workflow, business process management and more

“Everything is visual. Everything is declarative. Everything is reusable. Everything is intuitive” – K2 blackpearl allows you to pull together business processes, people, services, information and systems into a single process-driven application that drives better business. Datalytyx partners with K2 to foster more meaningful collaboration between business users and technical users, helping organisations to assemble new solutions from information that already exists and code that’s already been written. With simple to use tools and familiar environments, it’s easy to create processes and applications, and to modify them as business needs change.

Document capture and imaging

To compete and thrive, organisations need effective ways to securely capture, exchange and manage the information generated and contained in paper and electronic documents – and do it in a cost effective, efficient way. Datalytyx partners with KnowledgeLake to provide affordable, platform-based solutions to manage a company’s unstructured content, delivering Enterprise Content Management products and solutions that extend the capabilities of Microsoft® SharePoint®. Organisations in any industry can standardise on SharePoint as a powerful content platform for building and deploying rich solutions, to satisfy diverse business workloads. Fully integrated with SharePoint, KnowledgeLake is easy to implement, easy to administer, presents low risk and is highly cost effective.

Datalytyx is a Microsoft Gold Partner

We have assembled a powerful solutions portfolio within the Microsoft .NET space for document management, process automation, case management, scanning and imaging – and can assist with rapid deployment as needed. If you have invested or are about to invest in SharePoint or .NET, our experts can leverage your core solution environment with closely integrated Gold Partner tools and applications. Contact our team for more details.

The only data warehouse built for the cloud

Conventional data warehouses and big data solutions increasingly struggle to deliver on their fundamental purpose: to make it easy to amass all your data, enable rapid analytics, and quickly make data insights available to all of your users, consumers and systems that need them. To solve that, Snowflake built a new SQL data warehouse from the ground up for the cloud, one designed with a patented new architecture to handle today’s and tomorrow’s data and analytics. The result is a data warehouse that delivers performance, simplicity, concurrency and affordability not possible with other data analytics platforms. Click here to learn more about cloud data warehousing with Snowflake.

Big data management, data integration and data quality

Datalytyx partners with Talend: a global, open source, flexible and scalable solution to manage big, disconnected and dirty data. Together, we provide the key components for controlled, repeatable and accurate data governance and management. Positioned as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools and winner of the audience award for Most Innovative Big Data Technology at the Big Data Awards, Talend is the market leader for open source integration solutions and the most trusted integration solution worldwide. Its holistic integration platform helps organisations to minimise costs and maximise the value of data integration, ETL, data quality, master data management (MDM), application integration and business process management. Talend users include eBay, ING, The Weather Channel, Deutsche Post and Allianz.

Unlock insights from big data

Big data should deliver big insights. Zoomdata provides a simple, intuitive and collaborative way to visually interact with data to solve business problems: the era of visual analytics at the speed of thought. It enables interactive data visualisation at any scale: from billions of rows of data to real-time streams, and in less than a second. Zoomdata’s innovative technology accelerates time-to-big-data-insight by removing the complexities that prevent traditional business intelligence and analytics application users from unlocking the power of big data. A modern enterprise needs a modern set of analytics to support big data and everything else, based on a streaming architecture.

AI-Driven Analytics for Humans

ThoughtSpot is the world’s first Relational Search engine for data analytics. Now leaders from every industry can do their own data analysis with zero training. ThoughtSpot gives you the ability to type in questions and instantly get answers from your data. Simply connect ThoughtSpot to your data, prep the data, set up your users and start searching. Click here to view a range of ThoughtSpot case studies and demos.

Visualise data and deliver meaning for every user

Datalytyx partners with Tableau to deliver leading-edge data visualisation and business intelligence, helping organisations to stay on top of daily operations and long-term projects, to slice-and-dice data and visualise it in new ways – gaining answers to questions they didn’t know they had. Founded by a computer scientist, a business leader and one of the founders of Pixar, Tableau user organisations include Facebook and Bioware.

Gather information to make more informed decisions

Datalytyx partners with Assessmint to provide solutions to gather all critical information from the people who hold knowledge and insight regarding systems, contracts, vendors and projects – to enable more informed decisions and the ability to present and defend findings to executives, colleagues and other stakeholders. Such information is normally gathered via long and drawn-out consultancy engagements: Assessmint automates the process so it can be completed within days.

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