Datalytyx Launches Gallium (IoT Smart Data Compression Algorithm) as a service in Talend Data Pipeline

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LONDON, United Kingdom, October 17th 2019 – Datalytyx is launching Gallium as a data service to be run within any Talend pipeline. This comes on the heels of their announcement that Gallium will be launched as a Snowflake Data Service thanks to their open source development of Snowflake webhooks.

Talend CEO, Mike Tuchen, praised this development, saying, “Datalytyx is a world-class organization that has helped a broad range of companies rapidly recognize significant value from Talend solutions. The highly talented team has earned almost a dozen awards from Talend based on their innovative approach, technical depth, and commitment to customer success. We have aligned with Datalytyx on several technical projects over the past six years, including Palladium, their Pre-integrated Data Platform that embeds Talend and Snowflake.

IoT timeseries has become a strength of Datalytyx. Earlier this year, they launched a new data service, Gallium, a smart IoT data compression algorithm with limited fidelity loss. Whether it’s 5:1 or 500:1 compression, the business value to companies using Talend and Gallium for IoT timeseries data compression will be enormous given the explosive growth expected in timeseries data over the next few years. 

As previously announced, Gallium can be called natively from within Snowflake, and as we’re happy to confirm this week, the service can now also be accessed directly from Talend and integrated as part of any cloud or on-premise data pipeline.  Talend customers across the world can now benefit from the smart data compression of Tb and Pb of IoT sensor data with limited loss of fidelity.

Media Contacts: 

Matt Schroeder, Marketing Manager, Datalytyx Limited 

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