Using a Talend ESB Route to send messages to multiple endpoints

by | Nov 24, 2016 | BlogPosts, Talend, Tech Tips | 0 comments

Using the cMulticast component it is possible to route a message to multiple endpoints. This is useful if you have, for example, Supplier records that need updating on multiple systems.

In the example below, messages are taken from a JMS queue using a cJMS component, then sent to multiple messaging endpoints (cMessagingEndpoint) for processing.

Each inbound message from the ‘Supplier Unprocessed’ JMS queue is read by the ‘SageX3’, ‘Salesforce’ and ‘MDS’, routes


Configure the cMulticast component:

Add as many URI’s as required.


Then finally configure each of the cMessagingEndpoint components with their respective URI:



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