Mphasis Datalytyx announces Snowflake Health Check Service

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Many enterprises using Snowflake are grappling with maximising the return on their investment, by using best practices to minimise costs whilst gaining as much as possible from the power of the platform. 

Leveraging our extensive experience as a Snowflake partner of over 50 implementations, our Snowflake Health Check provides an independent and objective assessment of how to improve Snowflake’s effectiveness and cost.  This can give organisations a 360-degree view of their implementation, a gap analysis versus best practice, key recommendations and an improvement roadmap with immediate “quick wins”.

Our client, a UK-based healthcare provider who used our Snowflake healthcheck service, said “The process was extremely well-managed, required minimal resource from our side (following initial Q&A) and provided significantly more insights than we expected.  Those insights were fed back and reviewed with an executive commentary, coupled with the ability to drill into significant technical details if the audience wished.  We would recommend this exercise to any Snowflake user.” 

Whilst developing and deploying data products in Snowflake is relatively easy, addressing areas such as feature creep, capability gaps and where to employ best practices are more challenging. Our Snowflake Health Check covers many facets of the Snowflake ownership, including Feature Usage, Account Management, Ingestion & ETL, Storage, Performance and Monitoring. 

Our Snowflake Certified Advanced Architects conduct Health Checks by executing a number of automated scripts to interrogate a Snowflake setup and produce a detailed report on how well it meets best practices. This is followed by a structured questionnaire to ascertain the importance of these areas to the client’s organisation. With the analysis completed (typically in just two or three days), we deliver recommendations and a development roadmap which includes suggestions of Quick Wins that might be carried out.

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