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As the first Snowflake Rockies Partner in the UK, we provide Snowflake consulting and services for Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse. The Centre of Excellence is the ideal solution for enterprises that want immediate, hands-on experience with Snowflake in order to experience all the benefits of the no. 1 cloud data warehouse.

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Your data challenges can be vast

Organisations currently endure technical landscapes dotted with disparate data silos, complex data management and arduous security processes that burden IT staffs. These environments prevent organisations from getting all the insight from all of their data to easily and continuously deliver innovative products and services.

The only data warehouse built for the cloud

Snowflake built a new SQL data warehouse from the ground up for the cloud, one designed with a patented new architecture to handle today’s and tomorrow’s data and analytics. The result is a data warehouse that delivers performance, simplicity, concurrency and affordability not possible with other platforms.

 Use Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse to

Secure data without complexity

Fine-grained, role-based access control for data and actions, always-on encryption, and automatic data protection.

Consolidate data silos

Warehouse all of your data onto one, simple platform and eliminate the spread of data silos.

Onboard new data sources easily

Natively load and optimise structured and semi-structured data without sacrificing scalability.

Pay only for what you use

Snowflake pricing is based on your actual usage of storage and compute resources down to the second.

The Datalytyx Snowflake Centre of Excellence delivers

Trained data specialists
Data management experts trained on Snowflake, Talend, AWS and Azure

Proven methodology
Datalytyx Snowflake consultants have developed best practice design patterns from successful data warehouse, data analytics and big data implementations

Data visualisation and data science
The ability to visualise the data rapidly within modern tools, and access to data science specialists to help uncover valuable insights

Reduced time to value
Hands-on delivery for data migration, data ingestion, and data processing so customers can reduce their time to value from months to days

Datalytyx and Snowflake

Building on-premises infrastructure can be slow and expensive: expensive hardware needs to be ordered, paid for, installed and configured long before you actually need it. By contrast, Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehouse means you just pay for the resources you consume when you need them.

Datalytyx partners with Snowflake to implement clients’ solutions quickly, cleanly and cost-effectively, without the need for time-consuming and expensive infrastructure implementation. It is the ideal solution for organisations that want new data services and levels of governance with as little disruption as possible.

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