Unisys chose Datalytyx to provide a strategic governance and performance platform to support a global client. With the solution aggregating performance information, commercial obligations, transition/transformation programme governance and much more, customer confidence improved and costs reduced.

The clients hadn’t seen everything in one place before – they were mesmerised by the clarity.
Vanessa Nagy

Customer Performance Director, Unisys


Unisys provides a wide portfolio of IT services, software and technology to solve critical problems faced by its clients. With 23,000 employees, and working for commercial and government organisations in 100 countries, it specialises in helping clients to secure their operations, increase the efficiency and utilisation of their data centres, enhance support to end users, and modernise enterprise applications. A forward-looking business seeking to achieve constant improvement, Unisys engaged with Datalytyx to help the business enhance its client relationships, deliver new levels of management information in a complex business, improve governance and controls, reduce risk, and create a truly performance-driven culture.

Why Datalytyx?

Datalytyx recommended Execview, a solution used by other leading organisations including the BBC, Old Mutual, Ordnance Survey and Essex County Council. A cloud-based governance and performance portal, Execview manages and governs strategic outcomes and relationships by aggregating performance information, tracking the governance of risks, issues, actions, dependencies and commitments. Crucially, Datalytyx confirmed a pilot could be completed in 2-4 weeks, and this would significantly reduce further configuration costs should Execview be implemented in all regions. Unisys Procurement carried out benchmarking, with price negotiations leading to a significant saving on platform cost against its competition.

A powerful enterprise governance platform

Vanessa Nagy, Customer Performance Director at Unisys, said the Datalytyx team “clearly knows the managed services space, and was able to break down all the issues with us. We liked that Execview was quick to set-up and easy to configure. And there was also no long-term commitment.” Europe was chosen for the pilot as it was the most complex region; a strategic client contract was reviewed and requirements mapped to Execview, with governance scorecards created.

Nagy says Datalytyx “helped us to constantly look up, towards achieving project goals. That was important: keeping our sights set at an executive level. Without them, it would have been far easier to lose sight of the bigger picture. And the speed at which the platform was delivered was very impressive.” She says the Datalytyx team “really kept us focused throughout, keeping the pressure on to move things forward, from helping create the project plan to designing how we actually wanted to present information.”

The response from client contacts was, Nagy says, very positive: “The clients hadn’t seen everything in one place before – they were mesmerised by the clarity. And it was invaluable for us to see their responses: whether their hunches were right, and where they’d got it wrong. It was like a clearing of the fog.”


In operational terms, more informed decisions could be taken jointly with clients more quickly, with any areas requiring focus highlighted. Risk management has improved and accountability issues are driven to the right party. Client satisfaction levels also improved, with other gains including a 30% improvement in measure availability and, Nagy says, business conversations with client contacts “moving up the food chain very quickly indeed. And that is continuing.” Other results suggest client profitability has increased.

Richard Lawson, EMEA Procurement Manager at Unisys, says the system “created added value for Unisys with a major client… from improved CSAT scores to increased profitability of the account. From an efficiency point of view, the system has significantly reduced the amount of time spent by the management team preparing presentations and inputting data into various tools – this has produced a direct time efficiency saving to Unisys equivalent to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.”

Nagy adds, “This project was a great opportunity to continue embedding an improvement mentality at all levels. And we can now interact with our clients at a much higher and more senior level.”


IT company providing technology and services in 100 countries


Information Technology


Enhance client relationships, improve governance and controls, reduce risk, create performance-driven culture.


Enterprise governance and management information platform; consulting, project management and deployment.


Greater speed, visibility, goexceptional visibility for a “constant improvement” mindset, improved client satisfaction for more profitable relationships, greater accountability, lower costs equivalent to hundreds of thousands of dollars p.a.

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