Mphasis Datalytyx is now a Snowflake Elite Partner

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Mphasis Datalytyx is delighted to announce that we are now a Snowflake Elite Tier Partner.

This is the highest level of qualification among Snowflake partners and reflects the knowledge and experience of our team.

“Snowflake is a critical part of our global data strategy. We look forward to building on the successes with them.” – John Webb, VP, Mphasis Datalytyx

Mphasis Datalytyx earned this distinction for mastering Snowflake technology, delivering successful customer stories, and integrating Snowflake with other technologies in the data ecosystem.

Our focus has always been to deliver successful outcomes and provide rapid value for our clients.

As the first Snowflake Services Partner in EMEA, our Snowflake Elite Partner level is just the latest stage of our continual process of investment in people and technology.

Since 2020, Mphasis Datalytyx have had global reach. The next year will see further expansion of capability and clients especially in EU and North America.

We are ready to speak with anyone looking for a Snowflake partner to transform their business with data. Visit us here to schedule time with us.


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