Mphasis Datalytyx increases US market penetration with Snowflake to develop next gen data applications for financial services sector

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Mphasis Datalytyx, a Snowflake Elite Partner, has announced its US market expansion providing services on Snowflake, helping businesses build data ecosystems and deploy applications that use all of their data.

Datalytyx and Snowflake will work to modernize financial service companies’ traditional data infrastructure and analytics capabilities for the digital era.

Financial services companies are facing unprecedented challenges in an increasingly digital world that is creating massive amounts of new data. As businesses move from personal interactions to online transactions, they produce massive amounts of data that often goes unused because it is too difficult or costly to analyze by existing enterprise solutions.

This is especially true in the financial services industry where regulations require companies to retain records over long periods of time while also reporting on them frequently through complex compliance requirements.

Financial institutions need modernized architectures that enable them to easily integrate new sources and formats of information into their existing systems so they can gain better insights into customer behavior patterns, automate processes and identify potential fraud quickly—all without disrupting day-to-day operations or legacy systems investments (like ERP).

“We are excited to be an Elite partner with Snowflake delivering services in the US market,” said Paul Headey, Director, Mphasis Datalytyx. “This association along with our Data Tribe helps us reach out to a wider audience, providing our customers with an optimized next-gen cloud based data foundation that enables their business to meet new opportunities and more effectively address competitive threats.”

Snowflake is a global leader in enterprise cloud data warehousing that enables companies around the world to have access to their data at any time from anywhere in the world via its scalable and secure platform offering. It offers several products including Data Analytics Suite (DAS), Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS) and Big Data Analytics Suite (BDAS).

“Datalytyx played a critical role when Snowflake opened up Europe in February 2017 and they have continued to invest and support us during this hyper-growth period. From day one, Datalytyx has supported us in data modernisation projects, providing a managed data platform for analytics and machine learning, creating a single integrated platform for Data and AI. The foundations have been firmly laid, which give us all a platform for scale and immense opportunity,” said Tim Alexander, Director of Alliances EMEA, Snowflake.

This partnership is exciting for both companies, as Datalytyx has the opportunity to strengthen its respective positions in the US market. Datalytyx looks forward to working with Snowflake on more next generation data applications and solutions that address customer needs in Financial Services.


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