Automated Document Capture & Workflow for Accounts Payable

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Automated Document Capture & Workflow Solution

This article will showcase one of the many ways our digital transformation service can help reduce costs, boost efficiency and improve the governance. Research conducted by Gartner & IBM shows that 82% of CIOs with mandates to digitally transform the business are looking to simplify and automate key processes. Let’s look at why…


Benefits of Document Capture

Speed & Accuracy

Using automated and point-and-shoot OCR techniques, document capture is much faster than manually copying chosen fields. By limiting the few keystrokes – in some cases, to none at all – user error is reduced significantly.


Document capture solutions allow you to process more documents with fewer resources.

Better Compliance & Transparency

Since document capture allows you to find all of your document information in digital format, simpler and more accurate legislative compliance will significantly improve your business process.


Benefits of Workflow Automation

Reduce Errors

Automating workflow will reduce administrative errors and prevent tasks falling prone to human error; you will never have to hear “no-one told me” again!

Continuous Improvement

Automated workflow has the added benefit of adding metrics around processes that were previously unrecorded.  This can be allow managers to identify bottlenecks and employees to become more effective in completing their tasks.

Improved Communication

By simplifying the channels through which various departments communicate with each other, locating finding the correct contact becomes simpler and faster.


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