Zero to Snowflake in 90 minutes webinar

Join us for our webinar, ‘Zero to Snowflake in 90 minutes’ to see how easy it is to get started with the Snowflake cloud data warehouse. This will be led by Sam Hopper, Senior Technical Architect at Datalytyx and Anthony Schneider, Solution Architect at Snowflake. We’ll show off some cool features in Snowflake such as […]

The Self-Service Data Platform webinar

Join us to learn how Datalytyx has combined Talend's open-source data integration platform and Snowflake's cloud data warehouse platform to create a Self-Service Data Platform. REGISTER HERE Instead of months of engineering and build effort to enable live and instant reporting, just turn it on. Get real-time insights to change “in-the-moment” customer interactions. There's no […]

Data Platform as a Service Webinar – 18 Sept 2018

The Data Platform as a Service webinar Combining technology from Datalytyx has created a Data Platform that offers infinite scaling and zero administration requirements. Join our webinar to learn how to focus on your organisation's core value and let us manage your data platform. REGISTER WHEN: 18 September 2018, 2-3pm GMT You'll learn how we... […]

Large Scale Machine Learning Made Easy

This will be a demonstration of how you can use Azure Databricks to build a recommendation algorithm from your Snowflake database tables. We use the publicly available Netflix movies data, a record of 100 million movie ratings by Netflix users. REGISTER Join us for… • An introduction to the Snowflake environment • An introduction to […]

Modernising your data warehouse

Join us to learn how your organisation can modernise its data warehouse and data operations using powerful, scalable and secure cloud-based technology. Datalytyx has developed a modern data platform with its partners, Talend, Snowflake and Databricks which can run on both AWS and Azure. In this webinar you’ll see how to… Quickly spin up cloud-based […]

Modernising your data warehouse in 24 hours

Companies are getting stuck when they want to take on new, data-focussed initiatives like Customer 360°, real-time analytics, forecast modelling, etc. Some of the challenges are lack of resources, lack of time, lack of budget and a technological landscape that is getting larger and more complicated every day. While there may be a desire to […]

Monetising Your Time Series Data

What's preventing you from getting value out of your time series data? Is there too much data to transmit over limited bandwidth from sensors? Are your data volumes too large to interact with in your BI tool? Are there too many variables to consider before adopting a monetisation strategy? Is there too much disruption in your industry to know which direction you should take?

Trianz and Datalytyx are working together to provide the technology, strategy and services that organisations need to quickly turn huge volumes of data into real, accessible and valuable assets.

Join us to learn the benefits of having too much data.

Upgrading to Talend 7.2 Webinar

Upgrading to Talend 7.2 lets existing processes run more efficiently, whilst new projects can more safely and confidently deliver the benefits stakeholders are looking for. Avoid new Oracle licensing costs by migrating to Open JDK. Receive advanced functionality and improved performance for faster time to value by upgrading to Talend 7.2. Join this webinar to […]

Migrating to Talend Cloud Webinar

Talend’s modern, comprehensive toolset is now available in Talend Cloud, releasing your business from the burden of managing your own specific installation to focus on driving value from your data. Talend Cloud enhances scalability and centralisation and provides the ability to synchronise, augment and improve data across all platforms. It also provides an easy-to-use tool […]

Modernizing Your Data with DataOps

REGISTER HERE   As businesses struggle to leverage their data and analytics, they are too often running into issues that result from legacy architecture – siloed data sources, poor data quality and data transformation processes that are too complex to adapt to change. Despite the desire to make data more useful and actionable, most data […]