Data Driven Insights

Datalytyx experts provide you with self-service analytics, advanced analytics and machine learning so you can start to understand patterns and predictions within your real-time data that no human could ever identify.

Tableau Data Discovery

Self Service Data Discovery

Enable yourself and your people to prepare, blend and analyse the data available. Move away from the conventional “report factory” model that consumes a centralised team building endless reports and dashboards that almost no-one pays attention to. Enable business analysts and users to create, deploy and share deeper insights in hours, not weeks.

Modern, intuitive drag and drop interfaces means anyone can visually analyse huge volumes of data intuitively. Business users can access, cleanse and blend data from multiple sources using drag-and-drop tools: no coding required. Free your people from “spreadsheet hell” and instead empower them to quickly create actionable analytic data sets to drive smarter business decision making.

Visualising Data in Motion

Modern enterprises can achieve enormous value from high velocity real-time data coming from mobile apps, device logs, sensor readings, social media feeds and more. Real-time analysis of these streams requires a paradigm shift from batch-oriented architectures, with  technologies such as Apache Kafka, Spark Streaming, Apache Storm, Apache Apex, and Amazon Kinesis emerging to manage this high velocity big data.

While much of the real-time data discussion focuses on machine processing, providing users with the ability to visualise these streams while they are changing is equally important. We enable you to achieve real-time visualisation and streaming analytics based on self-service interactive sub-second queries.

ZoomData Real Time
Jupyter machine learning

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Start your journey of data discovery by exploiting advanced analytics, machine learning and technologies including Spark, Python and R… Analyse large data sets, identify key attributes within your data, train models, apply the resulting models, and discover new insights through the correlations, patterns and predictions generated. Our user-friendly tools and techniques simplify the highly complex process of building and executing machine learning algorithms.

KPI Performance Management

Take control of your business and all the metrics that drive it, using our highly configurable KPI performance management and governance platform. Visualise your performance within a highly customisable online dashboard suite. Empower your business users, enabling them to collaborate with colleagues and re-use performance widgets to build new forms.

Using our KPI Performance Monitoring & Dashboard, users extract only relevant data from core operational systems – Finance, Procurement, IT,  HR – and store that within a highly configurable staging data store. The environment is configured to access that data and perform KPI calculations to visualise performance against targets.

Klipfolio Dashboard
Datalytyx has the skills set, its people know what they’re doing, and crucially they can apply that expertise to your own business model.
Stephen Hazlitt

Business Performance Director, Astra Zeneca

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