Data Centric Solutions

Transform your business operations with smarter data-driven applications and data collection solutions: improve what you do and how you do it.

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Core Business Solutions

Continually improve what you do and how you do it: Datalytyx experts will help you to architect, configure and build modern data-centric apps and solutions that transform how your business works and the processes it depends on. Our team focuses on your unique requirements and processes, blending the latest highly interactive and responsive development frameworks with data visualisation widgets and data entry forms, so building powerful applications around and upon your modern data architecture.

Document Centric Solutions

Documents, physical and online, remain at the core of every organisation. They contain valuable information that needs to be extracted and indexed to enable businesses to perform complex analytics on them. We enable you to scan, store, manage, index and search documents, images and metadata from any browser, using sophisticated Capture, Imaging and Search technologies. These capabilities enhance speed and productivity through, for example, keyword extraction and auto-classification. Save time and costs: focus less on the how and spend more on the what.

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Process Centric Solutions

Transform how your business operates: regardless of the volume of data being processed, a significant event or sequence of events will require human intervention. This may be to investigate the event or instigate other actions related to it. Datalytyx will provide the human workflow platforms, develop the data monitoring and event identification processes and initiate people-based workflow processes and forms to co-ordinate actions and capture outcomes. With seamless integration with enterprise systems like SAP and Oracle, you can optimise across the systems you already use without impact.

Data Collection Solutions

We provide a secure and rapidly configurable data collection platform for 100% of your data collection needs. Every enterprise has processes that involve collecting data – data files and answers to questions – from customers or clients, suppliers, internal groups or other stakeholders. This may be the core business of the organisation, or part of its governance and compliance checks. The processes involved have to be highly configurable, robust, repeatable and auditable.

We now have a fully supported, scalable and reliable solution for our paper-processing requirements.

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IT Services Manager, Motability

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