Across a range of industries and sectors, Datalytyx solutions and services – including modern big data architecture, real-time analytics and scalable cloud delivery models – are providing competitive advantages to organisations ranging from well-established global businesses to new technology start-ups and local government. We are proven.


Whether your university’s goal is to accelerate performance, modernise architecture, master data, empower users, or any of the above, Datalytyx has the experience and skills to meet those objectives. Subscribe to our private Data Driven University web area for case studies, whitepapers and research that outline how our technology partners like Snowflake, Talend and AWS are helping educational organisations leverage their data for the best possible outcomes.

Energy & Utilities

Smart grid, smart meters and greater access to streaming weather data present new opportunities in energy and utilities. By storing and processing real-time streams of multi-structured data in a scalable and cost-effective manner, utilities can use big data and next-generation analytics technology to optimise their business and improve the customer experience. We can show you how.

Financial Services

Finance, banking, and insurance share many similarities. We can deliver 360° data and customer insight to help you address compliance and governance issues, better understand your customers and prospects, personalise the customer experience, retain more customers, reduce operational risk and drive more informed management decision-making.



We build flexible, scalable, secure and functional data management solutions to overcome competition and address regulatory pressures.

Reduce total cost of ownership while retaining more customers, acquiring new ones and discovering new ways to monetise your data.



Datalytyx has developed a managed service specifically to help healthcare organisations automate data transformation, improve data quality and prove the integrity of every field of every record. Join the Data Driven Healthcare Centre area of our website for case studies, white papers and research provided by our technology partners like Talend, Snowflake and ThoughtSpot.


A modern big data architecture and advanced analytics mean pharmaceutical, life science and biotech firms can make faster and more informed decisions, optimising innovation and efficiency: to speed up development and help ensure regulatory compliance across the healthcare value chain. Integrating data from genomic research, population health databases, sensors and wearables,  EHRs and more with public and third-party information drives a precision medicine approach: the results can included improved overall patient outcomes for providers, payers, pharma and device manufacturers.

Public Sector

Across national, regional and local government, extraordinary quantities of data are amassed in the course of running public services – from managing welfare payments and the health service to issuing passports and driving licences. Accessing and using big data is transforming how government does business at all levels, not least to continue “doing more with less” while delivering a better deal for taxpayers and the public, with new operational insights and actionable intelligence driving higher performance alongside efficiency savings.



With retail generating vast amounts of data – from online sales, stock RFID sensors, general sales transactions, stock movements and more – it’s one of the sectors that can benefit most from a modern data architecture with advanced analytics. We can help you to personalise customer offers and drive more efficient distribution: a genuine 360-degree view of customers and demand helping you to optimise your supply chain, drive greater loyalty, improve merchandising and enable leaner retail operations.


Transport & Logistics

We help you enhance your data and analytics pipeline to create the optimised supply chain of tomorrow, improving forecasting and utilisation abilities while minimising wasted costs and resources in the supply chain. In aviation, predictive analytics enables airlines and other aviation businesses to fine-tune preventative maintenance, improve operational efficiency and build customer loyalty. We also help satellite communications to drive valuable new knowledge from huge volumes of data captured by advanced sensor technologies.


The whole approach was pragmatic: Datalytyx people were commercially and technically savvy. We have the Data infrastructure so we’re now focusing on Insight and Action. Steve Pimblett

COO, wejo

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