We help you to optimise your operations and logistical movements, driving new efficiencies through tracking and performance monitoring analytics. Our technology and expertise are proven in the field.

Datalytyx is delivering what we want – putting all the necessary business processes in place. We’re already talking about a longer-term relationship.

Mark Smith

Head of Development, Digital, and Business Intelligence, Flybe

Transport & Logistics

Datalytyx experts will help you enhance your data and analytics pipeline today to create the optimised supply chain of tomorrow. Digitising and streamlining your data infrastructure network improves your forecasting and utilisation abilities. Minimalise wasted costs in your supply chain and reduce environmental impacts by maximising resources through, for example, real-time tracking of performance monitoring and improved governance.



Driving competitive change

  • Tight margins – additional pressure to decrease costs and increase revenue (do more with less)
  • Partnering – sharing markets with new potential partners, and thus destinations, to retain customer loyalty


Data-driven priorities

  • Process efficiency – to continuously improve back-end efficiency, enable predictive maintenance, and reduce costs
  • Predictive maintenance – pre-empt essential and potentially costly repairs, removing mechanical systems from danger of failure


We deliver predictive analytics so airlines and other aviation businesses can fine-tune preventative maintenance, monitoring the real-time results of aircraft components and performance: you can maximise value and save unnecessary time and costs by gaining new operational insights and taking action pre-emptively. We can also help you build loyalty and retain more customers: gain and apply new insights throughout the customer lifecycle, from promotions and purchases to in-flight entertainment choices and discount destination services. Understand the data behind customer decisions – to give your business wings.


Driving competitive change

  • Increased customer expectations – personalised delivery, data privacy and automated systems are all expected
  • Shifting airline landscape – new competitors, perhaps in better geographical locations,  create additional market pressures


Data-driven priorities

  • Passenger analytics – know your customers and passengers so you can optimise your processes around them
  • Intermodal co-operation – optimise relationships with other transportation and aviation businesses to make mutually beneficial offers

Satellite Communications

With advanced sensor technologies capturing huge volumes of data, satellite communication businesses have a huge wealth of data to drive new knowledge from: a wealth of complex information to refine, with valuable insights to extract. Datalytyx experts can help you ride this wave. For example, take advantage of open-source Hadoop technology and execute large-scale data processing, reducing the barriers to advanced world class analytics – to challenge your industry competitors.

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