We help retailers, manufacturers and consumer packaged goods businesses to build profitability and reap dividends through real-time business and customer analytics.

Datalytyx provided an outstanding service.

Cathy McCabe

Chief Information Officer, Jaeger


The most successful modern retailers have implemented or are planning a modern big data enterprise architecture. By combining data silos with the application of real-time analytics, you can reveal, monitor and act on up-to-the-second insights from all relevant internal and external data sources. This includes driving operational improvements throughout the internal supply chain and customer lifecycle; predicting trends and forecasting consumer demand, optimising price points and launching targeted promotions to maximise value.


Driving competitive change

  • Personalised service – changing consumer behaviour and trends forcing retailers to adapt (and react) quickly and proficiently
  • Logistical complexity – retailers applying big data to their logistics chain – deliveries, staffing, stock – gain new advantages in automation and efficiency
  • Distribution revolution – the seamless consumer experience expects easy purchase, delivery and return, with some retailers piloting drones and robots to deliver goods


Data-driven priorities

  • Consumer behaviour – analysing how customers interact with retail brands and gaining new insights to maximise selling opportunities
  • Supply chain visibility – bringing transparency to the inventory to quicken the pace of reaction to consumer and market demand
  • Mobile interaction – enabling customers to interact and purchase with your brand as easily and sociably as possible, at a time and in a way that suits them

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