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Local authorities rely on companies like Datalytyx to provide affordable IT expertise and resource to achieve digital transformation objectives.

The future of local government

Local governments are continually being forced to operate with smaller budgets and fewer resources. The demand to increase citizen satisfaction and reduce costs are the primary goals, but are difficult to achieve while also adapting to the changing digital landscape and regulations such as GDPR and the Subject Access Requests.

Datalytyx is an affordable but fully-fledged systems integrator with the ‘best of breed’ technology and skills that local governments need in order to stay ahead of the curve.


Data Migration

Migrating data from a legacy system or warehouse can be a complicated and costly effort. It is critical that the data is transformed and that the new system is prepared in a way that will not lead to data corruption. Datalytyx provides the skills and experience necessary to ensure that any migration project is completed with ease, using best of breed technology to extract, transform and load data seamlessly and without error.

Data Integration

The continued trend of implementing shared services between local councils is driving the need for data to be transformed, merged, cleansed and made available to end users for SLA and KPI reporting or for analytics. Manual coding to achieve this objective is time-consuming and requires advanced skills from an already stretched resource pool. With Datalytyx partner technology, we can reduce the time required to develop integration processes and deliver a ‘single source of the truth’ for data consumers to work from.

Data Testing

After a migration or integration project has been completed, continual data testing processes provide a reliable and repeatable way to ensure that the data meets your requirements and is not in danger of becoming corrupted. We use automated processes to validate, compare and monitor data so that your solution continues to deliver value without costly errors.

Modern Data Architecture

Local authorities are under pressure to exploit the full value of their data to optimise their service delivery. However, legacy infrastructures are hindered by costly scaling and lack basic data quality management. It’s also difficult to integrate applications and incorporate new ones. Modernising data architecture gives authorities the key to overcome these barriers and establish effective enterprise-wide  data governance policies and procedures and make data sharing easier for end users.

GDPR Consulting

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data is being held across a large number of disparate systems making GDPR compliance a labour intensive task. Our metadata management tools can automate the identification and documentation of PII across those systems, making Subject Access Requests simple, automated processes. Semantic Discovery capabilities “map” the PII and its lineage which is critical for GDPR, but also for dependency analysis  when making changes to IT infrastructure. Data Preparation and Data Stewardship technology can also provide business users with easy-to-use methods of “wrangling” data into compliance, on-mass.

G-Cloud Supplier

Our range of services and products are available on the G-Cloud framework providing an easy and quick route to procurement. We are also ISO 9001 and 27001 approved.

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