Datalytyx expertise enables pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotech organisations to integrate multiple data sources – providing seamless access to the data and analytics required to drive operational performance and to stimulate R&D productivity and drug development.

Datalytyx has the skills set, its people know what they’re doing, and – crucially – they can apply that expertise to your own business model.

Stephen Hazlitt

Business Performance Director, Astra Zeneca


Bridge the big data gap and upscale your data’s contribution to big pharma quality healthcare. Our solutions dramatically improve business insight into every stage of the product and/or drug development lifecycle: you can balance costs, optimise resources and maximise the value of clinical trials, so you can innovate more quickly and effectively. You can also evolve the internal data architecture of your business to ensure secure navigation of the complex regulations governing drug safety, privacy, supply chain security and more.


Driving competitive change

  • Increase in chronic disease – resulting in greater pressure on already stretched healthcare budgets
  • Outcomes-based usage and pricing – a growing number of healthcare payers are measuring the economic performance of different medicines using census data from electronic medical records
  • Emerging demand – demand for medicines is growing more rapidly in emerging economies than industrialised economies


Data-driven priorities 

  • Productivity – integrate, find linkages and make sense of data from multiple sources
  • Smart algorithms and machine learning – create automatic reports that identify related applications or compounds and raise red flags concerning safety or efficacy
  • Maximise collaboration – enhance co-operation with healthcare partners and integrate data sources to create previously unavailable data insights

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