We build flexible, scalable, secure and functional data management solutions to overcome competition and address regulatory pressures.

Reduce total cost of ownership while retaining more customers, acquiring new ones and discovering new ways to monetise your data.

Until now, BetVictor hasn’t been a business built on data. Datalytyx de-risked the project and delivered what we wanted… the perfect partner.
Kris Marshall

Head of BI & Analytics, BetVictor

Online Gaming

In this highly competitive sector, organisations want to better understand the customer and the marketplace, to deliver a richer and more personalised gaming experience while dealing with all the pressures of big data and analytics. A modern data architecture is the key, to deal with masses of data and harvest new insights.

Online betting


Driving competitive change

  • Single customer view – it’s imperative to know your customer, their behaviours, patterns and interactions
  • Speed of development – drive competitive advantage by predicting and reacting fast to customer behaviour and making new and more personalised offers


Data-driven priorities 

  • Customer monetisation – harvest real-time customer intelligence to understand customer wants and preferences
  • Customer retention – keep hold of customers, build loyalty and remain competitively agile

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