Datalytyx modern data architecture and big data solutions deliver speed, transparency and accuracy in energy consumption data collection, analytics and reporting: providing new insights to help you better serve customers and optimise your operations.

Learning how to use and maximise our data is a journey for Calor Gas – and Datalytyx is a valued partner on that journey.

Simon Went

Head of IT, Calor Gas


Datalytyx expertise will help you deal with consumer demands for greater transparency in energy consumption and enable you to use customer usage data to better understand customers as individuals. New insights can lead to improved service levels, faster detection and prevention of energy theft, greater customer satisfaction and the ability to target offers and promotions more effectively. You can improve data-centric applications for asset and workforce management, update legacy technology and drive value from internal processes.


Driving competitive change

  • Consumer demand – high demand for a more efficient low carbon economy is driving increased investment pressure for customer engagements such as smart meters
  • Competition – the drive to gain an edge on competitors encourages proactive rapid responses to market trends and consumer behaviour
  • Return on Asset Investment – optimising return on assets like renewable energy in real time: to minimise downtime and maximise performance


Data-driven priorities 

  • Regulatory compliance – ensuring you meet Ofgem and other regulatory requirements, with accurate reporting to mitigate risk and liabilities
  • Pricing and service levels – use all data sources, from metering and debt collection to social media; predict and respond to customer expectations
  • Business performance – apply a customer 360 approach to service delivery to improve operation/asset performance, maximise resources and increase revenue

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