Process automation and workflow helped this Dutch development bank to work more effectively, empowering entrepreneurs “to build a better world”. Partnering with Datalytyx, FMO embarked on a business process redesign and digital transformation, deploying a workflow solution with K2 and Microsoft technology.

Exceptional work… [the team was able to] understand and adapt to business perspectives; no time wasted.

Molly O'Dea

Business Analyst, FMO


When a satisfaction survey identified opportunities for FMO to become more responsive and flexible in how it engaged with clients, management planned a business process re-engineering initiative to improve operational efficiencies. This included a review of key areas such as strategy, operations and HR, alongside an administration process redesign (APR). In particular, an assessment of the workflow system developed in-house prompted FMO to consider the value of tracking all events within a process against key milestones, as well as the role of workflow in driving a process rather than simply facilitating or supporting a process. Angelica Ortiz de Haas, Director Mid Office at FMO, says workflow is a critical element “because it supports our whole core activity.”

With change focused on replacing the legacy workflow application, improving customer satisfaction and speeding up response times in the end-to-end process from acquisition to exemption, FMO also wanted to gain improved document storage capabilities and the ability to share deal status and information more effectively.

Why Datalytyx?

Rolf Daalder, ICT Director at FMO, described Datalytx as “well-experienced people,” while Emily Ho, Quality Control, characterised the team as “Fast, flexible, up to speed quickly.” Erwin Kramer, Applications Manager, said, “The flexibility of resources was very fine.”


With the new workflow system required to communicate transaction, business and process status, technologies deployed by Datalytyx comprised K2.Net as the workflow solution, InfoPath, Web services, Microsoft CRM as the front-end where users can initiate and track processes, SQL Server, BizTalk, ACBS, SharePoint and Active Directory. Wide-ranging business processes covered included: register new client; new opportunity registration by product; opportunity approval; client checking (CAAML); contracting; disbursements; client credit review; transfers to special operations department; change requests (clients, contracts, disbursements); and credit cancellation.

A strong emphasis was placed on users investing the time required to contribute to requirements gathering, as well as user testing throughout implementation of the project. End-user champions were also selected in each department to act as conduit for training and solution awareness, considered critical success factors in solution rollout and acceptance. Before the technical solution was defined, a comprehensive business process review was undertaken to define milestone and status points, key actions as well as communication-related activities and stakeholders.

The implementation team comprised Datalytyx personnel, including K2 and InfoPath specialists, plus FMO financial systems and web services staff, and Fidelity Information Services for the Advanced Commercial Banking System (ACBS® ) product suite. Molly O’Dea, FMO Business Analyst, said the Datalytyx team performed “exceptional work” and was able to “understand and adapt to business perspectives… no time wasted.” In the solution, K2 sits on top of web services, which provide access to all necessary backend systems. Task lists are managed through SharePoint, with processes initiated via a web service that sits within the Microsoft CRM web part. Documents are stored within SharePoint.


Every FMO staff member involved in a client deal or transaction is now informed of the transaction status; specific users are only prompted with notifications and actions required that relate to them. Processes are tracked automatically, removing the need for front and back office staff to waste time and effort by manually tracking and chase processes. Once a new client process is initiated, the workflow sets up the necessary SharePoint team site where documents are maintained specific to clients. The solution also enables users to monitor the exact status, location and time taken for individual process instances. “It is a very stable environment with not a lot of support needed,” says Rolf Daalder, ICT Director, FMO. Angelica Ortiz de Haas, Director Mid Office, FMO, adds: “Key stakeholders commented that the system is easy to use and a key strength of K2 is that it is easy to see where a transaction is at any given time.”


Development bank: annual loans/commitments of more than €1.5bn


Finance & Banking


Achieve administrative process redesign (APR); improve customer satisfaction.


Process automation and workflow solution, including K2 and Microsoft technologies.


A more responsive, flexible and efficient business; enhanced workflow at every stage of a client relationship.

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