Smart Time Series Data Compression

Get 99% accuracy using only 1% of your data

700 times faster analytical results with 99% accuracy on a 6.3TB data set

Making time series data smaller, faster and more valuable

Datalytyx Gallium is a machine learning algorithm that massively reduces the amount of IoT/time series data needed to be transported, stored or processed to achieve results with guaranteed accuracy.


Data-driven decision making in real-time even with petabytes of data

Explore TBs of Data

Query huge data sets in seconds instead of hours

99% Accuracy in a fraction of the time

Unlock answers from data that has previously been too large to interrogate

Intelligent Core

Gallium reduces the amount of data you use for key decision making to 1% and maintains a guaranteed accuracy rate of 99%. Get 700x faster analytics with the same data warehouse/BI tool. Reports that used to take hours to generate can be done in seconds. Huge volumes of data that used to be too large to interrogate can now be explored in seconds. It’s simple to integrate into your current ETL/ELT pipeline.

Intelligent Edge

Gallium’s machine learning algorithm is more than 50 times as accurate as data averaging or data sampling. By intelligently classifying IoT data, Gallium massively reduces the volumes travelling over your link. Get hundreds more metrics over the same limited bandwidth while dynamically adapting to local events and link capacity.

Get more value with less data

It’s rare to need 100% accuracy from your data to make a decision. Most decisions can be made as long as you know your data is guaranteed to be almost completely accurate.

The graphs below show Averaging (the industry defacto way to reduce time series data volumes), Sampling and Gallium, all at a 100:1 data reduction.

"...a lot of machine-generated data has a poor signal-to-noise ratio. It contains valuable data but also a lot of 'noise'. Therefore, you often must store all of it to find the valuable bits."

– Cloud Data Warehousing for Dummies by Snowflake

Datalytyx Gallium intelligently classifies valuable data for storage and interrogation.

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