Datalytyx to Attend ESOC Solar Orbiter Launch

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Datalytyx will be sponsoring one of our employees to visit the European Space Agency launch Operations in Darmstadt, Germany on the 4 – 7 Feb 2020, in the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) to view the launch of the ESA Solar Orbiter launch taking place in Florida.

Gio Pagliari, technical lead, space enthusiast and space data analytics proponent for Datalytyx applied to attend and was accepted by the ESA’s social media team, and immediately accepted the invitation.

The Solar Orbiter is an ESA flagship mission to capture solar activity data from orbit around the Sun and beam this data back to Earth for analysis by Solar System scientists.

The ESA Solar Orbiter contains 10 instruments. The 2 ton space craft will travel 42 million kilometres, performing a gravity assist on its six-year journey to collect the data from the north and south poles of the Sun. The data collected will be essential for understanding the weather on Earth.

ESOCs Primary Functions

  • Long-duration mission operations
  • Launch Control and Early Orbit Phases
  • Space Debris Tracking
  • Engineering/System Development
  • Ground station operations
  • Telemetry (Data acquisition, management, & operations)

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Photo Credit: Christian Weickhmann (


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