Our solutions help public sector and related organisations to reduce their costs and deliver improved service levels to stakeholders and the public, leveraging open source technology to bring new levels of data management, analytics, performance reporting and governance.

This should be in every local council… You can concentrate on areas that need additional resource and take corrective action before they become serious issues.

Bob Thomas

CIO, Mole Valley District Council


We can help you to improve management and significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency through, for example, integrated, high quality operating insights presented through interactive user-friendly dashboards and reports. We can help you evolve your internal data architecture to create a modern big data architecture – one that enables you to securely navigate complex regulations governing privacy and public oversight. The opportunity is to leverage technology to automate workflows, integrate and cleanse data, and give stakeholders new insights into your projects and performance.


Driving competitive change

  • Increased spending scrutiny – resulting in greater pressure on already stretched¬†public sector budgets
  • Co-operation with other organisations – a growing number of public sector bodies are merging back office functions, requiring sharing of data and processes


Data-driven priorities 

  • Productivity – integrate, find linkages and make sense of data from multiple sources
  • Maximise collaboration – enhance co-operation with other public sector organisations and integrate data sources to create previously unavailable data insights

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